1st International Conference & Exhibition on

New Horizons in Life Sciences & Technology 


In this dynamic era of scientific advancement, we find ourselves at the forefront of an extraordinary convergence between life sciences and technology. This unique event will bring together luminaries, pioneers, and enthusiasts from around Pakistan to explore the cutting-edge innovations and transformative potential of this remarkable synergy. Within these walls, we will embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional disciplines, blending the realms of plant and animal sciences, genetics, engineering technology robotics, artificial intelligence and beyond. The conference program promises a kaleidoscope of captivating presentations, enlightening keynotes, and thought-provoking panel discussions. Our distinguished speakers will share their expertise, unveiling ground-breaking research, disruptive technologies, and visionary concepts that have the power to shape the future of humanity. Alongside the enriching conference sessions, our exhibition offers a vibrant platform for showcasing the latest advancements and products from leading organizations and pioneering startups. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, sponsors, and collaborators who have made this event possible. Your passion, curiosity, and dedication fuel the progress that lies ahead. May this conference and exhibition serve as a catalyst for inspiration, collaboration, and innovation, opening up new horizons in life sciences and technology.

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Aims and Objective of the Conference:

  • To share Knowledge and research finding related to life sciences and technology.
  • To provide plate form for scholars researchers, academia, practitioners, educationists, students, and stakeholders to sit together and chalk out viable solutions for the challenges that emerged in life sciences & technology.
  • To find the exploration of emerging fields
  • To develop collaboration and networking between researchers and professionals
  • To promote interdisciplinary approaches.
  • To bring the latest development in the field of life sciences and technology.
  • Displaying projects/models relating to life sciences & technology.

Theme of the Conference:

·  Plant Sciences

·  Genetics Sciences

·  Biophysics

·  Animal Sciences

·  Microbial Sciences

·  Biochemical Engineering

·  Agricultural Sciences

·  Developmental Sciences

·  Nanotechnology

·  Food Sciences

·  Conservation Sciences

·  Renewable Energy Technology

·  Environmental Sciences

·  Biotechnological Sciences

·  Artificial Intelligence

·  Soil Sciences

· Bioinformatics  

·  Tissue Culturing

·  Evolutionary Sciences

·  Biostatistics

·  Entomology

·  Biochemical Sciences

· Computer Science & Information Technology

·  Cellular & Molecular Science

·  Ecological Sciences

·  GIS & Remote Sensing


Call for Abstract:

⦿ Abstracts for Oral Presentation, and Poster Presentation are being accepted through email. fhussain@gudgk.edu.pk. The deadline for Abstract submission along with registration fee is Sept 30, 2023.

⦿ Abstract must be written in English, with the title, NOT exceeding 150 characters, in “UPPERCASE” letters, using 16 point, Cambria.

⦿ Abstract body, in “Sentence case” letters, using 11 point, Cambria, and should NOT exceed 300 words. The name of the presenting author must be bold using 12 point, Cambria.. Abstract must be uploaded in MS Word format.

⦿ Last date for submission of full length research paper (MS Word format) is October 30, 2023.

⦿ Last date for submission of Power Point Presentations (ppt) is October 15, 2023.

Call for Poster Presentation:

⦿ The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize will distributed to participants after judgements of invited speakers.

⦿ The Poster size should be 48”×60”. Extra Large or small poster will not be accepted for competition.

⦿ The certificate will be distributed among oral, poster and conference participants in concluding ceremony of the Event.

The Post Conference visit at Fort-Munro will be conducted at the last day of conference.


⦿ All papers will be peer-reviewed by independent reviewers. The only accepted papers will be published in a special issue of GU Journal of Phytosciences (Y category).

⦿ While, all abstracts of Oral and Poster presentations will be published in the “Proceeding of Conference”

Registration Fee:

• International Participant  USD 250

Industry: Rs. 6,000/-                                    •  Faculty: Rs. 3,500/-

• Research Student: Rs. 2,500/-                   •  Student (Participant only): Rs. 1,500/-

 Account No: Pk93ABPA0010044238650097

International Author can pay the fee directly to the above-mentioned account via 

Xoom by Paypal


Focal Person/ Organizer                                                                For Registration/ Information

Dr. Faisal Hussain                                                                            Dr. Saher Nawaz, Event Organizer

Department of Botany, Ghazi University,                                     Department of Botany, Ghazi University, 

Dera Ghazi Khan, 32200-Pakistan                                                  Dera Ghazi Khan, 32200-Pakistan

Email: fhussain@gudgk.edu.pk                                                     Email: sanawaz@gudgk.edu.pk

Contact #: +923442743495