About the Journal


GU Journal of Phytosciences (GUJP) is a peer review open access journal that is published quarterly by Ghazi University and GUBS Publishers. It is publishing authentic research in the form of original research articles and reviews in Plant, Biological, Environmental, and Agricultural Sciences. GU Journal of Phytosciences is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in "Y" category and will be included in well-reported indexing.

Aim and scope

GU Journal of Phytosciences (GUJP) is a peer-reviewed, plant sciences journal and abstracted/ indexed in different organizations. The journal has published selected original research articles and reviews in the field of plants sciences in relation to Agriculture, Biological and Environmental Sciences with the aspects of plants. The journal's scope is therefore necessarily broad to cover recent discoveries in plant sciences at the interface of related disciplines. The main objective of the journal is to bring the latest developments in the field of plant sciences to professional and academic researchers. Associate Editors and members of international and national Advisory boards are eminent researchers in their respective fields and sub fields of plant sciences.