Society has been established with the approval of Honorable Vice Chancellor Ghazi University, Khalique Ahmad from the date of 16 February 2016 on the morsel wish and request of Dr. Allah Bakhsh Gulshan Department of Botany. The Botanist approach link Society would be travelled to make the green and peace of our homeland. Plants have intrigued people for thousands of years. They provide aesthetic beauty as well as materials for our basic needs. Today our world presents new and complex problems that were never dreamed of a century ago. For instance, increasing human population is linked to environmental problems of gigantic proportion. Coupled to the need for more food is increasingly greater environmental impact. One of the best things about plant science is the number of different specialties and career opportunities from which you can choose. This diversity allows people with different backgrounds, aptitudes, and interests to find satisfying careers in plant biology. More than many other scientific fields, botany continues to provide opportunities for women as well as men. There are few things more fulfilling than to work in a job that is both fun to do and a benefit to others.

 We wish to encourage members of the public: Students, young and old, male and female, all races, cultures, beliefs, local and foreign to join the Botanical Society. Why? Well, we could as easily ask you, why not? Let me share with you the full story and hopefully all queries will be covered.